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Topic of the Month:
Drought in Eastern Colorado

During the last week of the month we had a spring snow storm and several other events that yielded 3.01 inches of precip, bringing the monthly total to 3.04 inches; that may have kept the area from transitioning into the Moderate drought category.
The first three weeks of the month we set four new high temperature records and had six red flag fire warning days.
To see maps of other areas in the U.S. visit the University of Nebraska's drought web page.
Thanks to the National Climate Prediction Center of NOAA, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the University of Nebraska for the creation and distribution of this map.

Month Received Rain and Snow melt (inches) 31 Year Average Precipitation (inches)
2nd Half of August 2016 0.72 1.34
September 2016 0.00 1.11
October 2016 0.07 1.23
November 2016 0.66 0.85
December 2016 0.55 0.71
January 2017 0.46 0.66
February 2017 0.24 0.79
March 2017 3.04 1.40
Ag Year Total (2nd half Aug. 2016 through 1st half Aug. 2017) 5.74 8.09
Calendar Year Total (up to Apr. 1st) 3.74 2.85

The table on the left shows the measured precipitation recorded at RTS for the second half of August 2016 (beginning of Agricultural Year) and for the 2017 Calendar Year, compared to the 31 year average for the same period.
For the 2016-2017 agricultural precipitation year there is a deficit of 2.35 inches.
For the 2017 calendar precipitation year there is a surplus of 0.89 inches.

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